January 16, 2009

Party Photo Land: Gold Belts, Polka Dots, and Love Children

A couple of years ago, my favourite, favourite source of entertainment was Blue States Lose on Gawker. The column consisted of its author mocking the photos posted on party photo sites such as The Cobra Snake and Last Night’s Party, especially the outfits featured in some of the photos. But the thing is, some of the hipster-y outfits were actually kind of fashion-forward. Ergo, I’ve decided to pay homage to Blue States Lose by doing the exact opposite, and praising the best outfits featured on party photo blogs.

Welcome to Party Photo Land.

So I’ll ignore the fact that this girl, who looks all of fifteen, is hanging out with the thirty-something Cobra Snake, and say that I love her dress and belt. The floral pattern makes it look really 90’s in a good way. I hope that she is wearing this with gladiator sandals or Doc Martens. Because that would be dope.

So ugly it’s beautiful.

I am loving the sheer polka-dot sleeves!

Her shirt is like the jolie-laide love child of a power suit and an American Apparel store. Like it should be really, really unfortunate looking but then you see it and you’re like... “Oh... that kind of works.”

First three photos courtesy of thecobrasnake.com, last photo from lastnightsparty.com

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