November 10, 2008

project acid wash


i tried my un-crafty little hands at DIY the other day
on a thrifted club monaco t
i like it but i don't think it's amazing or anything
i definitely like the back more

i might re-bleach it to make it a little less uniform.


funny moment.

after bleaching it i went to throw it in the wash in my dorm.

but a guy on my floor was already using both machines, so he offered to throw it in with his stuff.

anyway, afterwards he was like "umm...did you see your shirt? did it look like that before?"

the poor guy thought that he had wrecked my shirt!

November 4, 2008

random thought

i love the blatant allusion to cory kennedy through the character of agnes on gossip girl
and how the guy in the first agnes episode was so mark the cobra snakey