October 28, 2008

Fall 08 Wish List

Time for some Fendi dreams on my Forever 21 budget!

3.1 Phillip Lim Runway High-Waist Brocade Skirt ($375):

(photo courtesy of eluxury.com)

Insert drool here. Seriously, I am so in love with this skirt. It's playful but still sophisticated. It feels like something that could be worn from a job interview to class (well, if you don't subscribe to the icky sweatpants and school hoodie uniform) to a club.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Metallic Booties with Tooled Applique ($810)

(photo courtesy of eluxury.com)

A shoe-lover's dream! I like how the silver adds an edge to the sweet detailing.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Satin Puff Jacket ($398):

(photo courtesy of shopbop.com)

Confession: I never really went in for that puffer jacket trend a few years ago. It reminded me of the elementary school years of practical, mom-mandated ski jackets, when I yearned to grow up and be able to wear chic capelets and peacoats. (Yes, I was a weird kid...) But this coat oozes Blair-Waldorfiness (the highest of sartorial compliments, in my opinion). Not to mention the fact that it looks decently warm

Moschino Cheap and Chic Open-Toe Kiltie Pump ($425):

(photo courtesy of shopbop.com)

How awesome are these? I LOVE the fringe!

October 22, 2008

distill is my love

so friends,
time for me to shamelessly gush to the point where you'd think that i'm being paid to endorse the following magazine!
(alas, it is not so)

Distill magazine is the new love of my life.
Its first issue just came out and it is a beauty.

Basically, its staff reads all the most recent issues of fashion mags, from the mainstream to crazy indie Hungarian magazines (how much would I love that job?) and then publishes the best editorials.

oh yeah.
there's also commentary by MATTHEW F-ING WILLIAMSON.
It's fabulous (albeit nudity-containing).
It's website is distilldigital.com
Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

October 16, 2008


maybe it's time for me to give up my beloved american apparel belt as hippy headband look.

i wear it A LOT.

i think that it's the easiest thing in the world, it allows me to channel my inner hippy, it looks great with a lot of my clothes, and it works well with messy-i-was-too-lazy-to-do-my-hair-hair.

so why give it up, you ask?

no, it's not because everyone and their mom now rocks the hippy headband.

or because it kind of makes a funny-looking dent in your hair when you take it out.

or because it doesn't work as well with my new bob as it did with my straggly summer hair.


it would be because of this:

sorry, eyes.

Photo Credit: Go Fug Yourself

October 9, 2008

First Seasonal More Fashion Please Awards: Spring 2009 RTW

Best Overall Collection:
Hannah McGibbon's first collection for Chloe was just unbelieveably it-girly. I. LOVE.IT!

I'm also loving the Brenda Walshyness of this (if anyone is, like me, obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 reruns you'll catch the reference!)

Best New York Collection: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I know that fashion is not defined by wearability, but I like Marc by Marc's more subtle take on the vintagey look that we saw at Jacobs' main show.

Best London Collection:

Now I know we all lusted after Luella and went ape for Christopher Kane (excuse the alliteration/pun, I'm slightly sleep-deprived) but I felt like House of Holland was the real standout. It was youthful and creative and gorgeous. I want those jeans sooo badly!

Best Paris Collection (excluding Chloe): John Galliano

Galliano's collection, based on British history, makes me reconsider Buckingham Palace guards and the Queen Mother as style icons!

Best Milan Collection: Marni

Marni's collection looks like someone playing dress-up in their mother's closet. While the pieces are all fairly simple, they have a bit of an edge, and the stylist for the show was clever in the coordination of the outfits.

All pictures taken from style.com.

Collages made by me (please do not use without permission).

October 7, 2008

whitney port is a zillion times more stylish than lauren conrad, lisa love confirms

Excuse the news-y headline
I had my 5 hour Culture of News class today and am still in intrepid reporter mode
But, i digress.

Lisa Love, West Coast Editor of Teen Vogue, told one of those horrible-tabloidy-magazines-we-all-pretend-not-to-read-but-totally-secretly-love that she likes Whitney Port's collection for her new clothing line, Eve & A

"Whitney has good taste. The designs are simple and chic. They reflect her sense of style. We'd consider them for Teen Vogue."

Now, when asked about Lauren's line, Lauren Conrad Collection, a while back, the fabulous Ms. Love brushed it off, saying "It's more T-shirt kind of things and jeans, basics."

I have to say, my dears, I agree.

Let's compare, shall we:

Eve & A (dresses below):

I can't say that I'm a huge fan of these dresses (which is weird because I'm a cocktail dress junkie) but I think the one on the left would be cute with really simple accessories. The one on the right's just kind of blah, you know? Like, I've seen this before. It's nice but nothing groundbreaking. That said, if Kate Moss or someone truly fabulous were to wear it, she would so rock it.

Lauren Conrad Collection (Fall 2008, pictures below): Upon seeing Lauren Conrad Collection designs, my heart always sort of sinks. I mean, it just seems like she put absolutely no effort into designing these clothes. I'm all for simple chic, but I don't appreciate simple jersey dresses being marketed as this creative new fashion line. To me it sort of looks like less cute, way more expensive American Apparel stuff (I love me some American Apparel, but I'm not willing to pay the price Lauren charges for her jersey dresses).

Incidentally, don't you just love the not-so-subtle Lauren-look-a-like model? When the pictures are so small, it looks like she IS Lauren. I also enjoy that the shirt in the second picture (yup, that's the piece being sold) is styled with a beret. It's so "remember that time when I went to paris? and I rode on that guy's vespa and messed up my dress and it was soo much fun?" I'm not opposed to designers being influenced by their own lives but this is just so blatant.

I'm with Lisa Love on this one.

Et tu?

PS: Let's not even talk about Heidiwood...