February 28, 2009

in shock

So I'm watching the first season of Beauty and the Geek online (I do super-cool things when I am procrastinating).

Aside from the horror of the beauties (one of whom is an "aspiring fashion expert") and their ensembles, there was also this utterance, out of the mouth of one of the geeks:

"I've never heard of Vogue before."

My brain.



February 26, 2009

Stealing from the Stereotypes: Part 2

Let's take some more inspiration from the ridiculous stereotypes of teen movies!

The Cheerleader: In real life, cheerleaders are talented athletes who practice in sweats. In teen movies, however, they are bitchy girls who saunter down the hallway in their uniforms.


Keep It: Rock your own "uniform" by wearing a tank top and flippy skirt in classic school colour combos like blue and gold or black and red. Try some sneakers with it (just stick to pretty high tops, not actual cross trainers).

Leave It: Ditch the pom poms and try some cute bangles instead.

The Band Geek: Who knew geeks could be so rad?

band geek

Keep It: Channel your inner band kid with a sweet marching band inspired jacket, like this one by Phillip Lim.

Leave It: Ditch the other trappings of geekiness for cool boots and skinny jeans.

The Punk:


Keep It: Pair some ripped jeans a la Erin Wasson with a bright coloured tee and some embellished Doc Martens.

Leave It: Don't rock the rubber bracelets, extraneous piercings, or any item of clothing with the word "punk" on it.

The Jock:


Keep It: Wear a vintage letterman jacket with shoes in a coordinating colour.

Leave It: Trade in the track pants for a cute denim skirt, and the sneakers for vintage inspired heels.

Stand Out Show: Missoni

You know that cool, hippy girl who just looks great effortlessly? The girl who piles on the bizarre layers and doesn't look homeless?
It seems that Missoni's muse for Fall/Winter 09/10 was that girl.

The Italian line took its signature knitwear in a new direction, creating interesting pieces like circle scarves and scarf-cardigan hybrids.
And the styling? Fantastic!
Seriously, I dare you to look at the mix of colours and textures and not feel inspired. Muted tones in the same colour family but in all different kinds of fabric seemed to be the name of the game.

This last look is my FAVOURITE. Nudes and neutrals are deceptive. You think they'd be easy to pair together, when really even neon shades are easier to mix. A barrage of bright colours can sometimes be thrown together at random and you just look like you're going for a "Look at me!" hipster kind of look.

But have you ever tried pairing camel and cream?

It's done flawlessly in the look below.

I also love the overlay on the dress. I've always been mad about vintage dresses with a layer of lace on top, so this look is right up my alley.

Oh Missoni.

You done good.

February 23, 2009

miss fifty

Give your look a playful kick with a dose of 1950's style.


February 22, 2009

Stand Out Show: Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique's show was the perfect combination of your cool babysitter from the 90's, a homeless person and Zenon . That's right. You children of today have your singing high schoolers and your camps of rock. My generation had a teenybopper who lived on a space shuttle.

This makes me understand why the hardcore hipster kids are so into their neon. And I love the scarf and/or cowl neck.
The Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2005 silhouette, updated.

Giant knitwear and shiny leggings are the perfect pair.

February 19, 2009

Stand Out Show of the Day: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Oh, Phillip Lim. You always bring so much joy to my life. And then sadness. Because I definitely cannot afford any of your beautiful items.

However, thank you for knowing that pretty cuts + neutrals = beauty

In other news, my friend totally has the haircut that all the others do and was planning on making it her signature style. But she'll probably have to share it with have the world thanks to the role it plays in this awesome show.

She looks like a human puffball, but oddly makes me want to look like one too.
You know when you see a dress, and it's super beautiful, and it makes you wish that you had somewhere excessively fabulous to go so you could wear said dress? This dress is not one of those. This dress is so incredibly fabulous that you would buy it even though you had nowhere to go and where it to like, run errands just to make the world envious.
This is amazing proof that you can mix patterns by keeping them in the same colour palette.

Sometimes simplicity can work. (When it has a great cut like this, that is)

This dress could totally work for a cocktail party or for school.

February 18, 2009

Standout Show of the Day: Marc by Marc Jacobs

As cool as the eighties vibe at Marc Jacobs' self-titled show a few days ago was, it was really the little sister collection that caught my attention this time around. It has a cool hippy/grunge feel, sort of like a WASPy girl in the nineties who runs away with a lumberjack. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I LOVE the dress above. It is gorgeous and flattering. The boots and socks are also sweet.

Only Marc (or Marc's stylist) would think to pair a boho dress with stripey tights.

The dress is insanely cool, the Hermes-y scarf is a HUGE improvement on the played-out keffiyah trend, the tights rock, the hat is pure Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, and the boots and socks are awesome.

I want this coat. Seriously.
This will be my uniform next fall.
(photos from style.com)

February 16, 2009

Barbie's 50th Anniversary Show = Amazing

Alright, so Erin Fetherston's collection is great (despite a few less than rave reviews), as is Nicole Miller's, but by far the most fun group of ensembles displayed thus far were those at the FANTASTIC show celebrating Barbie's 50th anniversary. Leave it to Barbie to ignore the drab, boring neutrals of the recession and rock outrageous looks.

My favorite looks below:

1. The Classic Swimsuit:

Seriously, would Barbie have had the cultural impact that she has today were it not for that first iconic look? The shine and pretty cover up modernise the look.

2. The Vintagey Skirt and Blazer:

I love how put-together this look is. Blair Waldorf, anyone?

3. The Gown:
This reminds me of the Butterfly Princess Barbie I had when I was five. She was awesome. Unfortunately, however, my Barbie did not have fantastic see-through gloves to pair with her ensemble.

4. The Ken Tee:
I want this T-shirt. Enough said.

5. The Showgirl Look:
For a slightly wilder take on the black and white striped swimsuit. Props to anyone who can pull this look off.

February 9, 2009

clashin' fashion

Yes, the title's cheesy! But, this Valentine's day, deviate from the norm by layering clashing patterns in pink, purple, and red.


Stealing from the Stereotypes

You know how in movies about high school the school is always divided into distinct cliques that all dress exactly alike? My school wasn't like that, and I hope that yours wasn't either. However, taking inspiration from these high school stereotypes can yield some great outfits. After all, what is fashion without dressing up?

The Stereotype: Goth
Now trust me, I am like, the anti-goth. My nails are currently neon-pink, I like smiles and sunshine and kittens, and I am a generally upbeat person. However, black is always fashionable. Maybe those morose kids are doing something right.


Steal: Definitely try some lacy accents, like the gorgeous boots above. Anything black and flowy is also good in moderation. Have fun playing with textures, which keeping to one colour lets you do.

Leave: Goth makeup. Okay, you can do smokey eyes, but drawing a giant teardrop on your face (a la some of the goth kids at my high school) is definitely overkill. Also ditch anything scary. We're going for edgy romanticism, not horror movie.

The Stereotype: Hippie

I was a hippie for Halloween, and was way too excited to wear pieces of my costume in everyday life!


Steal: Channel your inner Anna Sui with laid-back peasant dresses. Put your gladiator sandals to good use and layer on the bangles.

Leave: Hippie headbands. As much as I love them, the trend is getting kind of stale. Also do tie-dye at your own risk. I've seen it worn well, and I've seen it done terribly.

The Stereotype: Mean Girl

In real life, well-liked people tend to dress at least fairly well. However, in movie world, where cliques dominate, the popular girl can be spotted by her mini-skirt, heels, matchy-matchyness, and overuse of the colour pink. A play on this stereotype can yield a fun ensemble.


Steal: The mean girl's girliness. Ruffles, pink, and hearts can be fun, especially when piled on at once in an almost ironic manner.

Leave: The logos. Carla Santini had her Dior tee in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Regina George of Mean Girls had her Louis Vuitton bag. However, a logoed piece with a mini and heels makes you look like a trophy wife.

The Stereotype: The Nerd
A fan of math, clashing patterns, and retainers, the nerd is perhaps the most interesting creature in the land of high school stereotypes.


Steal: The clashing patterns, over-sized button downs, and big glasses. (Note: I thought that the shoes above were geometric enough for a nerd!)

Leave: Most nerds in movies have horrible hair. Don't get horrible hair.

Let me know if you like this feature and there might be a part two in the future!

February 5, 2009

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces were all over the Spring 09 runways. But how to translate them for real life?

The Style Classicist: Pick a dramatic statement necklace and pair with a little black dress, allowing the necklace to shine.
statement necklace

The Trend Spotter: Try a boho-chic look by picking a multi-strand necklace and wearing it with a simple slip dress, unbuttoned cardigan, classic Frye boots and bangles.
statement necklace 2

The Fashion Risk-Taker: Try something a little unexpected, like the necklace below, which reminds me a bit of the necklace equivalent of Luella's famous tiered skirts. Wear it with an outfit that matches its overall mood (like the one below, with its fun and whimsical shape).

statement necklace 3

February 3, 2009

paper-bag princess

Combine grungy basics with overtly girly accents for an utterly regal effect.

paper bag princess