December 29, 2008

Cheap Picks for Winter 2008/2009

Armani taste on an American Apparel budget?

Check out this season's Cheap Picks

Violet T-Strap Flat, $34.50,

I think that these are so cute. They're like the Mary Janes you wore as a child but the texture roughs them up a little. Unisex Circle Scarf, $33, American Apparel

Is this not the most amazingly versatile thing that you've ever seen? I mean, I know it's been a tad overhyped but I still super-want one.

Seriously, if you doubt it, feast your little eyes on this:

It's incredible!

Sweater Floral Earwarmers, $24, Urban Outfitters:
How cute is this? It's like the adorable yet slightly deformed lovechild of 80s-y earwarmers and something adorable that your grandma would knit for you.

Sleeveless Color-block Dress, $22.80, Forever 21
This is so modern mod. It looks pretty well-cut, too.

Janet Plaid Woven Shirt, $22.80, Forever 21
Even though I'm a fan of the men's-shirt-as-a-dress trend, I'll admit that sometimes it's easier to get a good fit in the shoulders and sleeves by "cheating" and buying a shirtdress.
Deux Lux Double Cross Bag, $68, Urban Outfitters
Structured boho-chic.

December 24, 2008

Unlikely Style Icon: Claudia Kishi from the Baby-Sitters Club

There are some style icons: (Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy) whose stylishness is undeniable and almost universal. Then there are those who teach us style lessons in their own, often overlooked way. They are (cue super hero music) Unlikely Style Icons!

This month’s? Claudia Kishi of Baby-Sitters Club fame.

Why Claudia: For those who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, the Baby-Sitters Club was a way of life. The books focused on a group of friends, the coolest of which was undeniably Claudia.
Claudia was a crazy artsy girl who made paper-mache jewellery and painted clothing. She was known for putting together “theme outfits” (such as an “under-the –sea” one where she wore a blue skirt and jelly sandals with fish painted on them). Though she would never wear the same outfit twice, her staples were men’s shirts (snagged from her father’s closet), push-down socks, and brightly coloured leggings. Her inventiveness and self-confidence seem refreshing in today’s often conformist fashion world.

Embrace Your Inner Claudia:
1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Crafty:
Claudia would never wear an outfit that wasn’t personalized at least a little. Creating something allows you to take pride in your outfit and it’s mad fun. Plus, you can create that look you dream of when it isn’t available in stores. Whether this means going full-on Claudia with puffy-painted T-shirts and hand-maid fruit-shaped earrings or simply sewing bigger buttons on to an old shirt is up to you.

2. Try a “Theme” Outfit: While Claudia’s style was a bit out there, it was also almost ironically matchy-matchy. She’d wear, for instance, a poodle skirt with poodle earrings and a shirt with a poodle on it. She called outfits like this and her under-the-sea outfit “pulling a Miss Frizzle” (of Magic School Bus fame). Go ahead and dress where your mood leads you. Try your own under the sea outfit or an old school aviator outfit or a super-hero-explorer-princess-in-the-1920’s-who-loves-cats outfit. When you’re feeling uninspired by your wardrobe, pick a theme and rock it.

3. Be Confident in Your Style: Claudia lived in a small New England town, where jeans and T-shirts were the norm and her friends dressed nothing like her. Yet, at her school, she was regarded as a fashion icon. Why? Confidence. She knew that she was well-dressed and refused to wear anything that she didn’t love. No one dressed like her and she loved it. Take pride in being an individual, and don’t second-guess yourself when it comes to what you wear.

4. Try Menswear-Inspired Looks: Claudia was known for stealing her father’s button-downs. She’d wear them unbuttoned over a tighter ensemble, as a dress over leggings, knotted a la Britney (but with a tank underneath) and about a zillion other ways. She also rocked ties way before Avril, and would wear baggy carpenter pants with fedoras. Go ahead and raid the men’s section of your favourite store. Guy’s sunglasses are rad (and often cheaper), a long shirt unbuttoned over a dress of the same length looks good, and a huge blazer over leggings is 80’s cool. At least one magazine per month does a “Ohmigod, menswear inspired styles rock!” feature, so you’re bound to find something.

5. Layer Like Mad:
Claudia would wear things like a baggy shirt over a vest over a tee shirt with two skirts, leggings, and socks. Layers are awesome. They keep you warm in winter, allow you to get the most of out of your wardrobe, and look pretty damn cool. Try doing a sundress over a coordinating thermal, a Erin Wasson-esque tank over a bandeau, or over the knee socks over tights.

Claudia Essentials:

1. Men’s Shirt:All-Son pinstripe roll-up shirt, $44,

2. Unitard: Cotton spandex jersey unitard in eggplant, $40,

3. High Tops: Converse high-tops in red

4. Printed Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs Daydream Print Dress, $378,

5. Unique Earrings: Dinosaur earrings, Etsy Seller: veryvintage, $4,

6. Snake Bracelet: Cleo gold snake bracelet, $49.99,

7. “Painted” Tee: H18 All You Need is Love tee, $14.90,

8. Puffy

December 21, 2008

sorry, k-plast

According to WWD, all American Kira Plastinina stores will be closing today.

Sad, I guess. But perhaps now every teen magazine will stop shoving her blah clothes down our throats?

I've never really been a fan, her stuff looks really mall-y to me. Maybe if she actually went to design school and then started a line it would be better?

However, everything's on major sale, so if your little heart desires you can go and get a discount on all the logo tees and metallic everything that you crave.

December 20, 2008

Gossip Girl Fashion: A Very Blair-y Post (S.2 E.13)

Last week's Gossip Girl was a little light on the criticizable fashion, since making fun of funeral outfits seems a little sketch, even when the funeral is for a fictional character.

Dorota's headpiece was one of my FAVORITE items worn in the episode. It's so beautiful and a fun play on the stereotype of the maid wearing a little hat.

Actually, Queen D's whole outfit was pretty cute (see below)

And Blair's dress for the wedding was gorgeous! Look at the cut! I'm obsessing over it a little.

This outfit was also really cute! It's funny because I could totally see it on someone 40 years Blair's senior but she looks lovely in it! Very Audrey Hepburn goes corporate!

All photos courtesy of

December 9, 2008

falling for pre-fall

sorry for the utter cheesiness of the title.



here is what's happening on the pre-fall runways right now (aka what was happening on them circa like a week ago when i started this post...)

Zac Posen:

Zac Posen's collection was full of, to use the most over-used phrase in the entire world, "old Hollywood glamour". However, it was also a little 1920's show-girl-ish, with lots of fringe and such. Burberry Prorsum:

The Burberry Prorsum collection was wearably vintage-inspired, with some of the most beautiful prints ever.


Chanel was ridiculously decadent (who would expect less from Karl?). But the elaborate headdresses were paired with beautiful knits and re-imagined Chanel suits.

Doo Ri:
Doo Ri's collection was absolutely It-girl-esque. The clothes don't fight for attention, but have little details such as drop-waists and ruffles that make there wearer the coolest girl in the room.

Narciso Rodriguez:

Narciso Rodriguez's collection was full of beautiful cocktail dresses. Think a cooler version of what women's interest magazines advise their readers to wear to holiday parties.

Oscar de la Renta:

De la Renta's collection was, as per usual, relatively simple at first glance, but immaculately cut. Lots of beautiful, slightly pleated A-line skirts and cute jackets.

Carolina Herrera:

Herrera's collection was very Blair from Gossip Girl (you know that I connect EVERYTHING back to Queen B). It included lots of knee-length hem-lines and an almost 1940's silhouette.

All photos courtesy of, collages made by me.

December 8, 2008


Just a quick post today because I have an exam tomorrow:

How beautiful is this? Oh Vogue.

Why can't your covers today look like this?

(Picture: Vogue cover, December 1934 issue from

December 7, 2008

Unlikely Style Icon: Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

There are those who are obvious style icon material. Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly. Kate Moss.
And then there are those who are less screamingly stylish, but have some definite fashion cred.
For instance, Will Smith.

No, not the actor, well-dressed as he is, but the character of the same name whom he played on one of the 90's best sitcoms - the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Whether you were a fan in its glory days or, like me, watched it in reruns, you have to admit that Will was stylin'. In crazy blazers, tilted caps, and patterned shirts, he was ballin'.

1. American Apparel Unisex Geometry T-shirt in Red/Navy/Yellow, $40, picture from
Will was all about the wacky patterns and bright primary colors.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wavelength Print Jacket, $348, picture from
Wild, printed blazers were a key component of the Fresh Prince’s wardrobe.

3. Emilio Pucci Crystal Puffer Jacket, $869, picture from
Brightly coloured zany prints were Will’s patterns of choice.

4. 59fifty Superman Hat, $31.99, picture from
Will was rarely seen without a cap perched on his head.

5. Essie-Pi exclusive to American Apparel Gold-Plated Eddie Bracelet, $29, picture from
You know that Jazz would try to steal this bling. Who could blame him?

6. Adidas Men’s Blow-Up Tee, $34.99, picture from
Will would be all about this tee. (As would I, perhaps tucked into a skirt or paired with leggings.)

7. Nike Geo Terminator High Premium Sneakers, $100, picture from
Any fresh princess worth her salt needs a decent pair of kicks.

8. Band of Outsiders Neon Skinny Tie in Blue, $138, picture from
Will rocked the loud ties for school. And face it, this is way cooler than the ones you stole from your dad during your Avril phase.

So, I encourage you, darlings. Go out and mix some prints, wear a preppy blazer with some gangsta sneakers, and follow in Will's fantastic footsteps.

December 6, 2008

shoe-bop: purchases

So despite my student budget, yesterday I partook in one of my favorite activities in the world: shoe shopping!

A few months ago my favorite pair of black Wal-Mart flats, which I've had for years, finally reached the point of worn-in-ness that I like to call "destroyed beyond belief". I've been hunting for basic flats for a while now and only finding faux Tory Burch grossness. So I was incredibly happy last night when I spotted these beauties at H&M for $17.

And then, I discovered the boots that I'd been hunting for. Backstory: my mom has these gorgeous equestrian-style boots from the 1980's that I borrowed pretty much every day of the last two winters. However, she didn't allow me to bring them to university, tragically. So here is my replacement pair. They were $180 at Aldo. My friend says that they look like Puss in Boots boots! I love them so much.

Excuse the terrible lighting and background. I live in a dorm...

December 5, 2008

Gossip Girl Fashion: gowns galore (episode 2.12 "It's a Wonderful Lie)

This week's episode of Gossip Girl was clearly drama-full. However, the best part of it was not the fights over Nate, catty pranks, or boring Bart's car accident.

No, it was the Snow Ball gowns. Vanessa's is cute enough minus the whole see-through under spot lights issue. The matchy-matchy silver accessories are a bit much but I really like the cut and it's nice to see Vanessa in something remotely cute for once.

Penelope's dress is just so prom-y. It's clear that Little J was still harboring some resentful feelings toward her when she designed it! The fabric is yucky and I really don't like the hem.

Hazel's is cute in a debutante-esque way, but I wish that there was more definition of the waist between the bodice and the skirt, because it makes her look a little fat (which she is clearly NOT!)

I actually really, really like Isabel's dress. It's incredibly Disney princess, but still chic and well cut. The fabric looks gorgeous and I love the bodice.

Serena's dress is very Serena! I can't actually decide if I love it or hate it! The fabric and beading are beautiful but the short-in-the-front-long-in-the-back thing turns it into the mullet of dresses...

And last but not least, Queen B. Her dress is lovely but pretty simple. Where is the gigantic bow headband? The daring colour combinations? The bold hosiery?

Blair, dear, it's like we don't even know you anymore.

And yet I like it...

All photos courtesy of

November 10, 2008

project acid wash


i tried my un-crafty little hands at DIY the other day
on a thrifted club monaco t
i like it but i don't think it's amazing or anything
i definitely like the back more

i might re-bleach it to make it a little less uniform.


funny moment.

after bleaching it i went to throw it in the wash in my dorm.

but a guy on my floor was already using both machines, so he offered to throw it in with his stuff.

anyway, afterwards he was like "umm...did you see your shirt? did it look like that before?"

the poor guy thought that he had wrecked my shirt!

November 4, 2008

random thought

i love the blatant allusion to cory kennedy through the character of agnes on gossip girl
and how the guy in the first agnes episode was so mark the cobra snakey

October 28, 2008

Fall 08 Wish List

Time for some Fendi dreams on my Forever 21 budget!

3.1 Phillip Lim Runway High-Waist Brocade Skirt ($375):

(photo courtesy of

Insert drool here. Seriously, I am so in love with this skirt. It's playful but still sophisticated. It feels like something that could be worn from a job interview to class (well, if you don't subscribe to the icky sweatpants and school hoodie uniform) to a club.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Metallic Booties with Tooled Applique ($810)

(photo courtesy of

A shoe-lover's dream! I like how the silver adds an edge to the sweet detailing.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Satin Puff Jacket ($398):

(photo courtesy of

Confession: I never really went in for that puffer jacket trend a few years ago. It reminded me of the elementary school years of practical, mom-mandated ski jackets, when I yearned to grow up and be able to wear chic capelets and peacoats. (Yes, I was a weird kid...) But this coat oozes Blair-Waldorfiness (the highest of sartorial compliments, in my opinion). Not to mention the fact that it looks decently warm

Moschino Cheap and Chic Open-Toe Kiltie Pump ($425):

(photo courtesy of

How awesome are these? I LOVE the fringe!

October 22, 2008

distill is my love

so friends,
time for me to shamelessly gush to the point where you'd think that i'm being paid to endorse the following magazine!
(alas, it is not so)

Distill magazine is the new love of my life.
Its first issue just came out and it is a beauty.

Basically, its staff reads all the most recent issues of fashion mags, from the mainstream to crazy indie Hungarian magazines (how much would I love that job?) and then publishes the best editorials.

oh yeah.
there's also commentary by MATTHEW F-ING WILLIAMSON.
It's fabulous (albeit nudity-containing).
It's website is
Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

October 16, 2008


maybe it's time for me to give up my beloved american apparel belt as hippy headband look.

i wear it A LOT.

i think that it's the easiest thing in the world, it allows me to channel my inner hippy, it looks great with a lot of my clothes, and it works well with messy-i-was-too-lazy-to-do-my-hair-hair.

so why give it up, you ask?

no, it's not because everyone and their mom now rocks the hippy headband.

or because it kind of makes a funny-looking dent in your hair when you take it out.

or because it doesn't work as well with my new bob as it did with my straggly summer hair.


it would be because of this:

sorry, eyes.

Photo Credit: Go Fug Yourself

October 9, 2008

First Seasonal More Fashion Please Awards: Spring 2009 RTW

Best Overall Collection:
Hannah McGibbon's first collection for Chloe was just unbelieveably it-girly. I. LOVE.IT!

I'm also loving the Brenda Walshyness of this (if anyone is, like me, obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 reruns you'll catch the reference!)

Best New York Collection: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I know that fashion is not defined by wearability, but I like Marc by Marc's more subtle take on the vintagey look that we saw at Jacobs' main show.

Best London Collection:

Now I know we all lusted after Luella and went ape for Christopher Kane (excuse the alliteration/pun, I'm slightly sleep-deprived) but I felt like House of Holland was the real standout. It was youthful and creative and gorgeous. I want those jeans sooo badly!

Best Paris Collection (excluding Chloe): John Galliano

Galliano's collection, based on British history, makes me reconsider Buckingham Palace guards and the Queen Mother as style icons!

Best Milan Collection: Marni

Marni's collection looks like someone playing dress-up in their mother's closet. While the pieces are all fairly simple, they have a bit of an edge, and the stylist for the show was clever in the coordination of the outfits.

All pictures taken from

Collages made by me (please do not use without permission).

October 7, 2008

whitney port is a zillion times more stylish than lauren conrad, lisa love confirms

Excuse the news-y headline
I had my 5 hour Culture of News class today and am still in intrepid reporter mode
But, i digress.

Lisa Love, West Coast Editor of Teen Vogue, told one of those horrible-tabloidy-magazines-we-all-pretend-not-to-read-but-totally-secretly-love that she likes Whitney Port's collection for her new clothing line, Eve & A

"Whitney has good taste. The designs are simple and chic. They reflect her sense of style. We'd consider them for Teen Vogue."

Now, when asked about Lauren's line, Lauren Conrad Collection, a while back, the fabulous Ms. Love brushed it off, saying "It's more T-shirt kind of things and jeans, basics."

I have to say, my dears, I agree.

Let's compare, shall we:

Eve & A (dresses below):

I can't say that I'm a huge fan of these dresses (which is weird because I'm a cocktail dress junkie) but I think the one on the left would be cute with really simple accessories. The one on the right's just kind of blah, you know? Like, I've seen this before. It's nice but nothing groundbreaking. That said, if Kate Moss or someone truly fabulous were to wear it, she would so rock it.

Lauren Conrad Collection (Fall 2008, pictures below): Upon seeing Lauren Conrad Collection designs, my heart always sort of sinks. I mean, it just seems like she put absolutely no effort into designing these clothes. I'm all for simple chic, but I don't appreciate simple jersey dresses being marketed as this creative new fashion line. To me it sort of looks like less cute, way more expensive American Apparel stuff (I love me some American Apparel, but I'm not willing to pay the price Lauren charges for her jersey dresses).

Incidentally, don't you just love the not-so-subtle Lauren-look-a-like model? When the pictures are so small, it looks like she IS Lauren. I also enjoy that the shirt in the second picture (yup, that's the piece being sold) is styled with a beret. It's so "remember that time when I went to paris? and I rode on that guy's vespa and messed up my dress and it was soo much fun?" I'm not opposed to designers being influenced by their own lives but this is just so blatant.

I'm with Lisa Love on this one.

Et tu?

PS: Let's not even talk about Heidiwood...

July 16, 2008

Cheap Picks for Summer

Yes, we all love YSL and Lacroix, but how many of us actually buy these labels on a regular basis? (If you do, please send all cast-offs my way!)
That's where Cheap Picks comes in. I've made it my personal mission to find the cutest clothes from your favorite chain stores.

Here goes:
From Forever 21:

H81 Buttonless Cardigan: $19.90

Granted, it doesn't look like much, but it seems like it would be amazing on. Sort of late-80's. With a striped shirt, dark skinny jeans and ballet flats or gladiator sandals.
From Urban Outfitters:
Endless Summer Sunglasses: $18.00

These sunglasses are the fabulous love child of the classic Jackie O frames and this season's Ray-Bans. I could see them on the coolest girl at the pool, with a bikini or maybe a paisley sundress.
Urban Renewal Levi's Cutoffs: $28.00
These are super 80's punk meets 90's grunge chic. They could so be your new summer staple.
From American Apparel:

Unisex Mineral Wash Stretch Bull Denim Slim Slack: $75

I'm most likely buying these this weekend. I LOVE them! They're basic but the acid wash makes them just a little bit different. They're also really cute in blue.

From Old Navy:
Suspended Halter Dress: $24.50

Comes in navy, black, and gray. Cute, versatile, and can take you from the beach to a semi-formal party in a second.
Knit Halter Dress: $24.50

I love the baltic print of this dress, which, though daring, would look gorgeous with gladiator sandals and large sunglasses.