December 7, 2009

Commes Barbie!

Is it bad that I kind of want her dress for myself?

October 8, 2009

As If I Need to Fall In Love With Another Foreign Magazine

From July 2009's Australian Vogue.

Sheer beauty. From the concept to the colours (I love shift from black and white as one looks further down the image), to her hair.

(Photo from foto decadent)

Can we just discuss...

The misuse of the term "couture." Seriously, this is my biggest pet peeve ever. Couture does not mean "relating to fashion" or "a pretty dress". You cannot refer to something as being so couture, and while some ready to wear garments are very expensive, they are not couture.

Please do not refer to something as couture unless it is custom made with painstaking attention to detail. I just think that it's really insulting to all of the artistry and effort that goes into creating couture pieces.

This, while beautiful, is not couture.

(Elie Saab Ready-To-Wear, Spring 2010, photo from

This, my dears, is couture.

(Christian Lacroix Couture, Fall 2009, photo from

I just read an interview on an otherwise fantastic fashion website wherein the interviewer misused the word couture several times, as in, "What's it like attending all of the most couture fashion shows, like Margiela?"

Please friends, let's correct this.

October 4, 2009

The 5 Best and 5 Worst Celebrity Fashion Lines

The fashion world has been up in arms since it was announced that Lindsay Lohan has joined Ungaro as the line's "artistic advisor". While expecting the perma-legginged starlet to play any kind of direct role at a historic french fashion house is alarming, celebrities dabbling in design is nothing new (Lohan herself launched 6126 last year).
While some celebrity lines have been utter disasters, others have managed to make a name for themselves in design. Here are my favorite celebrity labels, and the ones that give me nightmares.
The Five Best (Yes, Two of These are Helmed by the Olsen Twins)
1. Elizabeth and James (by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)

(photo from

Named after the Olsens' younger siblings, Elizabeth and James provides young, fun fashion that is on trend but not gimmicky. The collection is full of slim-fitting pants, boyfriend blazers, and 90's inspired pieces, that are wearable but apt to turn heads. As a bonus, one gets the sense that the Olsens are among the most directly involved in the design process of the legions of celebrity "designers".

2. William Rast (by Justin Timberlake)

(photo from

No one expected Justin Timberlake's label to be this good. Face it, the crooner is known more for his hit songs and famous girlfriends than any sort of sartorial sensability. Yet the denim-saturated William Rast line contains lots of cool over-sized tees and skinny jeans, for an effortlessly cool look.

3. Victoria Beckham (by Victoria Beckham)

(photo from

Victoria Beckham is unfortunately a bit of a laughing stock in the fashion community. From her spray tan to her augmented chest, she is a bit hard to take seriously. However, while her tastes may differ from those of fashion darlings like Erin Wasson or Anna Wintour, her line is full of red-carpet ready dresses that toy with shape and proportion, and are a perfect match for the sky-high heels Beckham wears 24/7.

4. L.A.M.B. (by Gwen Stefani)

(photo from

After several successful seasons, Stefani has proven herself as a designer. Seamlessly blending trends with Stefani's personal style, L.A.M.B. is chic with rocker sensibilities.

5. The Row (by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)

(photo from

Still known primarily for the boho-chic style they rocked at the beginning of the decade, one might not expect many basics in a line designed by the Olsen twins. But simplicity is the watchword when it comes to The Row, which aims to provide basics at their best. Full of well-cut blazers and little black dresses, The Row is more focused on providing quality than following trends.

The Five Worst:

1. Lauren Conrad Collection (by Lauren Conrad)

(photo from

Until recently, Lauren Conrad starred on The Hills, a show about her life working in the fashion industry. One can see the irony in this upon seeing her (no longer in production) fashion line. Jersey dresses similar in quality to American Apparel's but sold for hundreds of dollars more do not a fashion icon make. It's not that Lauren Conrad Collection was terrible, but it lacked personality. As a member of Team LC (as opposed to Team Heidi or Team Kristen), I think that she could do better.

2. Heidiwood (by Heidi Montag)

(photo from

Another Hills star, another terrible label. While Montag dissed her co-star for setting such a high price point for her clothes, her own line looked cheap, in all senses of the word. Equal parts skanky and Forever 21 clearance rack, Montag's line was tragic. Happily, she has since stuck to what she does best: reality TV and staged paparazzi shots.

3. Abbey Dawn (by Avril Lavigne)

(photo from

Lavigne described her clothing line to USA Today as "[a] lot of hot pinks and blacks and stars and purple and zebra. Basically, everything I wear." I don't think that I have to elaborate.

4. Paris Hilton (by Paris Hilton)

(photo from

Let's face it. It's hardly surprising that the bulk of this collection consisted of T-shirts with Paris's face on them (which she proudly wore, of course). What was surprising were the numerous ugly items that even Hilton wouldn't be caught dead in, including a cheap looking turtleneck sweater dress and what can best be described as a sleeveless mom-blouse with an attached tie.

5. Ashlee Simpson for Wet Seal (by Ashlee Simpson)

(photo from

Combining the worst of Abbey Dawn and Paris Hilton, Simpson's collection featured T-shirts with her face on them and items bearing a neon animal print motif.

Note: Miley and Max is only excluded from this list because:

a) I respect Max Azria and hope that one day he will come to regret this trainwreck of a line.


b) It is so terribly mundane that I tend to forget it exists

September 9, 2009

Party Photo Land: Buggy

Time to check in with what the hipsters are wearing:

From The Cobra Snake: I'm pretty sure that this is the dress I've been obsessing over every time I've gone into Zara recently. I love the early 90's vibe of the florals. I also love the carpet bag style purse in the bottom left corner.
From Last Night's Party:
Scarfs tied in this turban style always seem to make the wearer look effortlessly chic. Not that this girl needs much help in that department. The clean lines of her dress (shirt?) and the stack of gold bangles are a refreshing departure from the sloppy layers look so often seen on party photo websites.

I really just picked this picture because I love the bug ring.

August 22, 2009

Cool Link: A Kishi Quiz

I admittedly have a slight obsession with Baby-Sitters Club character Claudia Kishi's style. She was just so cool and creative. So I was thrilled when I checked out Mental Floss today, and discovered their Kishi Creation or Fashionista Flop quiz. Each question describes an outfit and the reader must identify whether it's a Kishi original or something worn by a celebrity. I got 88%. Et toi?

June 22, 2009

June 21, 2009

Nautical Nonsense


Yes, every fashion magazine in the world recommends the nautical look come summer, but it doesn't have to be cheesy. Try unexpected combos like an anchor on a neon dress or trading in boat shoes for white and blue peep toe heels.

May 20, 2009

Stand-Out Show: Chanel Resort 2010

One could be forgiven if "blah" is the word they first associate with resort collections. After all, they often leave viewers decidedly underwhelmed. But leave it to La Lagerfeld to spice things up a bit. Chanel's Resort 2010 collection hit it out of the park (to borrow an expression from some of my future-sportswriter journalism classmates).

I love, love, love the lace overlay here. And the combination of the vintage-inspired dress and the futuristic boots is awesome. Incidently, doesn't the combination of her red hair and the pretty dress remind you a little of Rose in Titanic?

This is like, The Matrix meets the Hamptons.

The jacket is classically Chanel, but the military inspired buttons modernize it in the best of ways.

I generally don't take literal inspiration from the runways, but I have a pair of red tights and have been struggling when it comes to how to wear them. Paired with a classic black dress, they seem a bit too punky, but anything else is a bit busy. However, they are perfection with a vintagey patterned dress in a neutral colour.

This is just the most adorable outfit ever.

May 18, 2009

This is how we know The Hills is staged

If the stilted conversations, abundant editing, and fake boyfriends didn't tip you off...

There is no way the person above works in the fashion industry.

(Picture of Stephanie Pratt from The Daily Mail)

April 29, 2009

Party Photo Land: Peaches, Prepsters, and Pretty Patterns

It's been a while since I've checked in on our hipster friends in Party Photo Land (ie. The Cobra Snake, Skullset, and the like), and I must say, I'm a little disappointed. It seems that Cory Kennedy has reverted to baggy tops and leggings, while the rest of the hipsteratti is sticking to their plaid shirts and Wayfarers.

However, there's still some innovation out there. Here are some awesome looks (first two pictures from The Cobra Snake, last photo from Skullset).

If you look closely, you'll notice that the people in the pattern on Peaches' dress are really Troll dolls. I love it!

How do I love this outfit? Let me count thy ways:

1) The yellow shorts. Bold but classic

2) The way the shirt is buttoned up to the neck. It totally changes the whole shape of the top.

3)The navy blues on top of each other.

4)The old school preppy vibe it oozes.

5) The word oozes.
How awesome are the the glasses? I love the juxtaposition of the clunky frames with the flowy top (dress?). And check out the awesome pattern on the aforementioned unidentified garment!

Inspiration Board: Go Get 'em, Tiger

A youthful alternative to animal print.


April 27, 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Cheap Picks: The Tops

For those with Gucci tastes on a Gap budget, the cutest tops for cheap.
Under $20:
Geo Shapes Woven Tunic, $15.80, Forever 21:
Alright, so this one sits on the line between shirt and dress, but it is absolutely fantastic.

H81 Floral Cropped Top, $16.90, Forever 21: A touch of the 90's for those sick of grunge. This would go equally well with frayed denim shorts or high-waisted black pants.
Under $30:
Unisex Big Tank, $26, American Apparel

This comes in about a billion different colours and is ridiculously versatile. Buy a handful of cheap bandeaus and the outfit possibilities are endless.

Kissing Zebra Tee, $28.50, Delias How cute would this be with a high-waisted black skirt? I love the quirkiness of the zebras and the symmetry of the stipes.

April 26, 2009

Debate: Gladiator Sandals

It's no secret that we were all in love with our gladiators last summer. They were so refreshingly different from the flip flops and slingbacks of years past. Sure, they were a hassle to do up, but they were comfortable and cutting edge.

But what happens this year? We've had a while to get used to gladiator sandals and it's no longer love at first sight. Sure they look great with S/S 09's hippy dresses but are they too trendy to last another season? Or have they become more of a classic? Does it matter if they're knee-high or super simple?

(Sandals by Sigerson Morrison, Photo from Net-a-Porter)

How do you feel? Are you a fan?

(Sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti, Photo from Net-a-Porter)

April 7, 2009

Inspiration Board: Pretty Petals

If this were a cheesy teen magazine and not a super-cool blog of awesomeness, I would probably title this post "Flower Power." The trick to mastering spring's florals is to toughen them up a bit by pairing them with more masculine elements, like a gray T-shirt or Doc Martens.


March 26, 2009

Unlikely Style Icon: Betty Suarez

On TV’s Ugly Betty, the main character, Betty Suarez, is constantly mocked by her co-workers at Mode (a fictional fashion magazine) for her lack of style. Ironically, Betty is arguably the most fashion forward of the show’s characters. She whimsically pairs pieces together with a disregard for conventional style rules or clashing patterns. Betty takes risks, and yet there is something adorably traditional about her vintage-inspired dresses and bow-bedecked blouses.

Inspiration Board:


Embracing Your Inner Betty:
(Is it just me, or does that heading totally sound like the title of a self-help book written by Cher Horowitz ?)

1) Dare to mix patterns
Admittedly, it can be hard for a pattern-mixing virgin to wear florals and argyle together. Yet Betty mixes bold, brash patterns together and it looks amazing. Try pairing different patterns together and shock yourself with how great you look!

2) Add a bit of geek-chic to your life
While Betty is not a stereotypical geek (an abundance of cute purses and a lack of pocket protectors save her from Screech Powers territory), her look is definitely geek-influenced. Try stealing a few signature Betty looks, like a sweater vest over a puffy-sleeved blouse, or a pair of huge (possibly non-prescription) glasses.

3) Resurrect those forgotten souvenirs
In the show’s first episode, Betty is waiting for her job interview at Mode and chats with another candidate , a bitchy model-type in an expensive cream coloured poncho. When Betty gets the job, at a loss for something fashionable to wear to work, she decides to wear a bright red poncho with “Guadalahara” embroidered across it, a souvenir from a vacation that her parents took.
While I’m not advising you to try to bring ponchos back, try putting all of those “Hawaii” or “Camp Pinelake” T-shirts to use. Yes, they looked dorky on your eleven year old self when you wore them with floral leggings, but with the neckline slightly altered (all you need is scissors!) and a cute mini skirt, they could become great.

4) Buy some statement-making dresses
Though Betty wears dresses in nearly every episode, it is rare that you would find her in a navy shift, or a simple T-shirt dress. Her dresses are all bold, whether polka-dotted and retro or sweet and floral. On their own, they are an instant outfit, while, when accessorized with equally bold jewellery, they become part of an attention-getting ensemble.

5) Be nice to your feet.
While the other employees at Mode clomp around in sky-high heels, Betty favours cute flats, or comfortable platform Mary Janes. You don’t need to give up stilettos forever, but make sure that you give your feet a break every now and then. A night out in flats can be fun, especially at the end of the evening when your friends are complaining about their heels and you’re still dancing the night away.

March 18, 2009

futuristic love

I wish that I had access to a copy of Vogue Korea.
The editorials look so, so amazing!

(Picture from foto decadent.)

Gossip Girl Fashion: Oh, S. No More Scarves for You. (S. 2 E.18)

First of all, I am SO VERY HAPPY that Gossip Girl is back.

However, I take issue with this particular ensemble:
My roommate and I spent like 10 minutes debating whether this is a scarf weirdly wrapped around her arms or a sweater that matches the scarf, before deciding on the latter. Either way, not a good look. Now, I know that Serena is busy seducing older men and stressing out about the fact that her mom loves her boyfriend's father and hanging out with the incredibly dull Vanessa, but really? This is the best outfit she could come up with?

Blair only looks like she's bitching at Rachel. She really just caught sight of Serena's outfit.
Blair's outfit, however, is flawless as per usual. The bow and girly blouse are classic B, while the lace and the layers are a nod to current trends. As if we'd expect anything less.
Okay, now see?
See how lovely Serena can look when she just keeps it simple? This is much, much better.
XOXO and all that jazz.
(Photos from

March 17, 2009

Decoding Dress Codes

I don't know how glam your lives are, but the parties I attend rarely specify dress codes on the invitation (or even have invitations other than someone running through the halls of my dorm yelling "PARTYYYYY!``). They're just not very common these days, especially for events hosted by people my age.

However, this can lead to confusion when one recieves an invitation with an actual dress code listed (a wedding, for instance). What is white tie? How casual is too casual? Here, dear readers, is your guide. Don't say I never do anything for you.

White Tie:

What it Means:
Look at you, going to a white tie affair! The most formal of dress codes, white tie calls for a ball gown. This is your chance to go for all out glamour.

What You Should Wear:
Wear a vintage gown. They're unique and have stood the test of time. Don't forget your pearls!
white tie

Black Tie:

What it Means: Black tie can be tricky. Commonly seen on wedding invitations, black tie used to mean a long evening gown. However, a short cocktail dress is now considered just as appropriate. Think of prom in terms of formality (but hopefully not style). If the invitation says "black tie optional" err on the more casual side.

What You Should Wear: Embrace your chance to wear a long dress, and go for something that makes you feel like a princess but is still relatively simple. Pair with heels and some pretty but basic jewellery.

black tie

What it Means:
You're supposed to wear, you guessed it, a cocktail dress! Anything above the mid-calf is generally considered cocktail length.

What You Should Wear:
This is a semi-formal occasion, so you don't need to look like you're heading to the Oscars, but you should look like you put some effort in! This is your chance to have fun, so pair a cute dress in a current shape with high heels and some bold jewellery.


Business Casual:

What it Means:
While you are unlikely to see this dress code on an invitation, you might be advised to wear business casual clothes to a job interview (depending on the company) or an academic awards ceremony. Whatever the case, business casual generally calls for a collared shirt and a skirt or pants made in material other than denim.

What You Should Wear:
Follow the rules with sweet flats, a polo, and a khaki skirt. Now is not the time to try anything too experimental. However, you should let your personality show through in the details (for instance, the cut of the skirt, bows on the shoes, and bright tights below).


March 16, 2009

CFDA Award Nominees Announced

They include Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, and Jason Wu.

Check out the list here.

March 15, 2009

I love vintage...

I went vintage shopping this weekend.
And now I am incredibly happy.

March 14, 2009

Fashion Militia

Choose vintage-inspired pieces to wear classic military style with panache.

March 12, 2009

Party Photo Land: Headdresses and Hair Bows

Time for the first installment in forever of party photo land!

Love, love, love the rhinestone bow. The perfect combination of formality and fun especially when paired with a messy updo.

Doesn't she just look like an 80's it girl? I love the way she accessorized a simple outfit with bangles and a giant ring.

This is a seriously fashionable group of friends! I especially love the black pants and the girl on the far right's cut-out tee.

And last but not least:
Mischa Barton looking lovely while wearing a random headdress.

(First three photos from The Cobra Snake, last one from Skullset.)