October 8, 2009

Can we just discuss...

The misuse of the term "couture." Seriously, this is my biggest pet peeve ever. Couture does not mean "relating to fashion" or "a pretty dress". You cannot refer to something as being so couture, and while some ready to wear garments are very expensive, they are not couture.

Please do not refer to something as couture unless it is custom made with painstaking attention to detail. I just think that it's really insulting to all of the artistry and effort that goes into creating couture pieces.

This, while beautiful, is not couture.

(Elie Saab Ready-To-Wear, Spring 2010, photo from style.com)

This, my dears, is couture.

(Christian Lacroix Couture, Fall 2009, photo from style.com)

I just read an interview on an otherwise fantastic fashion website wherein the interviewer misused the word couture several times, as in, "What's it like attending all of the most couture fashion shows, like Margiela?"

Please friends, let's correct this.


Kitty said...

thanks for the clarification. this bugs me, too. "haute couture" actually means "fine sewing." fashion for the sake of art.

Mary said...
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Anonymous said...

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