October 7, 2008

whitney port is a zillion times more stylish than lauren conrad, lisa love confirms

Excuse the news-y headline
I had my 5 hour Culture of News class today and am still in intrepid reporter mode
But, i digress.

Lisa Love, West Coast Editor of Teen Vogue, told one of those horrible-tabloidy-magazines-we-all-pretend-not-to-read-but-totally-secretly-love that she likes Whitney Port's collection for her new clothing line, Eve & A

"Whitney has good taste. The designs are simple and chic. They reflect her sense of style. We'd consider them for Teen Vogue."

Now, when asked about Lauren's line, Lauren Conrad Collection, a while back, the fabulous Ms. Love brushed it off, saying "It's more T-shirt kind of things and jeans, basics."

I have to say, my dears, I agree.

Let's compare, shall we:

Eve & A (dresses below):

I can't say that I'm a huge fan of these dresses (which is weird because I'm a cocktail dress junkie) but I think the one on the left would be cute with really simple accessories. The one on the right's just kind of blah, you know? Like, I've seen this before. It's nice but nothing groundbreaking. That said, if Kate Moss or someone truly fabulous were to wear it, she would so rock it.

Lauren Conrad Collection (Fall 2008, pictures below): Upon seeing Lauren Conrad Collection designs, my heart always sort of sinks. I mean, it just seems like she put absolutely no effort into designing these clothes. I'm all for simple chic, but I don't appreciate simple jersey dresses being marketed as this creative new fashion line. To me it sort of looks like less cute, way more expensive American Apparel stuff (I love me some American Apparel, but I'm not willing to pay the price Lauren charges for her jersey dresses).

Incidentally, don't you just love the not-so-subtle Lauren-look-a-like model? When the pictures are so small, it looks like she IS Lauren. I also enjoy that the shirt in the second picture (yup, that's the piece being sold) is styled with a beret. It's so "remember that time when I went to paris? and I rode on that guy's vespa and messed up my dress and it was soo much fun?" I'm not opposed to designers being influenced by their own lives but this is just so blatant.

I'm with Lisa Love on this one.

Et tu?

PS: Let's not even talk about Heidiwood...


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Hannah Cheeto said...

I totally agree. LC's designs were just extremely blah. And thanks for the comment! I like your blog, shall we link up?