April 26, 2009

Debate: Gladiator Sandals

It's no secret that we were all in love with our gladiators last summer. They were so refreshingly different from the flip flops and slingbacks of years past. Sure, they were a hassle to do up, but they were comfortable and cutting edge.

But what happens this year? We've had a while to get used to gladiator sandals and it's no longer love at first sight. Sure they look great with S/S 09's hippy dresses but are they too trendy to last another season? Or have they become more of a classic? Does it matter if they're knee-high or super simple?

(Sandals by Sigerson Morrison, Photo from Net-a-Porter)

How do you feel? Are you a fan?

(Sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti, Photo from Net-a-Porter)

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