April 29, 2009

Party Photo Land: Peaches, Prepsters, and Pretty Patterns

It's been a while since I've checked in on our hipster friends in Party Photo Land (ie. The Cobra Snake, Skullset, and the like), and I must say, I'm a little disappointed. It seems that Cory Kennedy has reverted to baggy tops and leggings, while the rest of the hipsteratti is sticking to their plaid shirts and Wayfarers.

However, there's still some innovation out there. Here are some awesome looks (first two pictures from The Cobra Snake, last photo from Skullset).

If you look closely, you'll notice that the people in the pattern on Peaches' dress are really Troll dolls. I love it!

How do I love this outfit? Let me count thy ways:

1) The yellow shorts. Bold but classic

2) The way the shirt is buttoned up to the neck. It totally changes the whole shape of the top.

3)The navy blues on top of each other.

4)The old school preppy vibe it oozes.

5) The word oozes.
How awesome are the the glasses? I love the juxtaposition of the clunky frames with the flowy top (dress?). And check out the awesome pattern on the aforementioned unidentified garment!

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