January 21, 2009


How to rock the ongoing grunge trend without looking like you put no effort into your appearance? Chances are you'd rather look like an Olsen or Chloe Sevigny than a homeless person! Here's how.

The Style Classicist:


Pair one grunge-inspired item (like the ubiquitous flannel shirt) with more structured items like fitted skinny jeans and a dressy black heel. Add feminine details, like the locket above, to avoid grunge overload.

The Trend-Spotter:


Wear one extremely bold grunge piece (like acid-washed jeans) with simple, casual items for a laid-back look that isn't sloppy.

The Fashion Risk-Taker:


Piece together lacey, overtly feminine items with more distressed pieces. Torn shorts and an oversized flannel shirt look amazing with black tights and lacey open-toed ankle boots.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

nice sets!

Anonymous said...

I love these sets. You always interpret trends so well.

Jillian B said...

Thanks so much both of you!

yiqin; said...

Great sets! I like the plaid.