January 13, 2009

Polka Dots

Have you ever fallen in love with a trend on the runway but had no idea how to make it work in real life? Although, sadly, giant sailor hats and wigs worn at the front of the face don't seem to translate in real life (but if you could somehow prove that wrong that would be awesome), some trends do. Whether you're a Style Classicist, a Trend-Spotter, or a Fashion Risk-Taker, you can pull off next season's polka-dots like a pro.

First, a rundown of those terms as they'll be used on this blog.

The Style Classicist dresses simply, and, though often very stylish, she is not the first to jump on board for a new trend. Maybe she's just getting interested in fashion, or, contrastly, she is incredibly chic but knows what works for her and sticks with it. Perhaps she is scared to try a new look, or she may simply like to see if a trend has longevity before blowing her budget on more than a few accessories.

The Trend-Spotter is a bit more experimental with her clothing. She likes to try new looks, but likes to work them slowly into her wardrobe. She would never want to look like everyone else but she doesn't automatically want all eyes on her either.

The Fashion Risk-Taker wears the trends she loves without shame. She layers and accessorizes and dresses outrageously, often taking looks directly from the runways.

These labels are absolutely flexible. You may be in between a Trend-Spotter and a Fashion Risk-Taker, or you may be a Style Classicist when it comes to shoulder pads (you love them, but are kind of scared to wear some) and a Fashion Risk-Taker when it comes to colors.

Anyway... on to the polka-dots.

The Style Classicist:

Polka Dots 3

While polka-dots are pretty easy to pull off, if they're not your style you may want to start off with an accessorie, such as the bangle above, paired with classic pieces such as a simple dress or heels in colors that coordinate with the accessory.

The Trend-Spotter

Polka Dots 2

The Trend-Spotter might try one especially bold piece, such as a bright polka-dotted vintage coat, and pair it with more basic items, such as pointy-toed boots and classic Jackie O sunglasses.

The Fashion Risk-Taker:
Polka Dots

The Fashion Risk-Taker might try wearing multiple polka-dot items, a la this season's Marni. Just make sure that the polka dots are in basic colors and different enough that it doesn't look like you're trying to match. Pair with some clashing floral tights to make the look even more fun.

Runway photo from style.com.

Other photos found on polyvore.com, click on collages to see where items are from.

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