December 29, 2008

Cheap Picks for Winter 2008/2009

Armani taste on an American Apparel budget?

Check out this season's Cheap Picks

Violet T-Strap Flat, $34.50,

I think that these are so cute. They're like the Mary Janes you wore as a child but the texture roughs them up a little. Unisex Circle Scarf, $33, American Apparel

Is this not the most amazingly versatile thing that you've ever seen? I mean, I know it's been a tad overhyped but I still super-want one.

Seriously, if you doubt it, feast your little eyes on this:

It's incredible!

Sweater Floral Earwarmers, $24, Urban Outfitters:
How cute is this? It's like the adorable yet slightly deformed lovechild of 80s-y earwarmers and something adorable that your grandma would knit for you.

Sleeveless Color-block Dress, $22.80, Forever 21
This is so modern mod. It looks pretty well-cut, too.

Janet Plaid Woven Shirt, $22.80, Forever 21
Even though I'm a fan of the men's-shirt-as-a-dress trend, I'll admit that sometimes it's easier to get a good fit in the shoulders and sleeves by "cheating" and buying a shirtdress.
Deux Lux Double Cross Bag, $68, Urban Outfitters
Structured boho-chic.


FashionSqueah! said...

Great picks! I especially like the F21 dress (wish we had F21 here or that they had reasonable shipping!) and the ear warmer thing, so sweet!

I've added you to our links, sorry it took me so long! Char x

La Fée said...

I have a purple pair of shoes like the ones in your first pic! I love all of your choices, especially the AA scarf!

Taylor said...

soo cute. i like the diagram