December 7, 2008

Unlikely Style Icon: Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

There are those who are obvious style icon material. Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly. Kate Moss.
And then there are those who are less screamingly stylish, but have some definite fashion cred.
For instance, Will Smith.

No, not the actor, well-dressed as he is, but the character of the same name whom he played on one of the 90's best sitcoms - the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Whether you were a fan in its glory days or, like me, watched it in reruns, you have to admit that Will was stylin'. In crazy blazers, tilted caps, and patterned shirts, he was ballin'.

1. American Apparel Unisex Geometry T-shirt in Red/Navy/Yellow, $40, picture from
Will was all about the wacky patterns and bright primary colors.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wavelength Print Jacket, $348, picture from
Wild, printed blazers were a key component of the Fresh Prince’s wardrobe.

3. Emilio Pucci Crystal Puffer Jacket, $869, picture from
Brightly coloured zany prints were Will’s patterns of choice.

4. 59fifty Superman Hat, $31.99, picture from
Will was rarely seen without a cap perched on his head.

5. Essie-Pi exclusive to American Apparel Gold-Plated Eddie Bracelet, $29, picture from
You know that Jazz would try to steal this bling. Who could blame him?

6. Adidas Men’s Blow-Up Tee, $34.99, picture from
Will would be all about this tee. (As would I, perhaps tucked into a skirt or paired with leggings.)

7. Nike Geo Terminator High Premium Sneakers, $100, picture from
Any fresh princess worth her salt needs a decent pair of kicks.

8. Band of Outsiders Neon Skinny Tie in Blue, $138, picture from
Will rocked the loud ties for school. And face it, this is way cooler than the ones you stole from your dad during your Avril phase.

So, I encourage you, darlings. Go out and mix some prints, wear a preppy blazer with some gangsta sneakers, and follow in Will's fantastic footsteps.


AFitz said...

Oh man I grew up on this show. I never would have guessed Will Smith would become the Oscar nominated man he is today.

Great post!

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Jillian B said...
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