December 21, 2008

sorry, k-plast

According to WWD, all American Kira Plastinina stores will be closing today.

Sad, I guess. But perhaps now every teen magazine will stop shoving her blah clothes down our throats?

I've never really been a fan, her stuff looks really mall-y to me. Maybe if she actually went to design school and then started a line it would be better?

However, everything's on major sale, so if your little heart desires you can go and get a discount on all the logo tees and metallic everything that you crave.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

oh, that is sad..for her
i mean, there was this one store that was supposed to open at a mall nearby, but i guess it is never going to open...poor gal, it's been less than a year since most of her stores opened in the US, but what can one do, yea?
besides, it isn't like she did this all with hardwork, she just has a loaded daddy
and, i agree, her clothing can be a bit tacky at times...more like VERY tacky.

Jillian B said...

it's true
i feel bad for her career or whatever but the fashion world is definitely not losing a wunderkind

FashionSqueah! said...

It's sad in a way but she's so young I'm sure she'll get over it! I agree about the clothes, they are very "mall-y" as you put it and not at all well designed, really!