December 6, 2008

shoe-bop: purchases

So despite my student budget, yesterday I partook in one of my favorite activities in the world: shoe shopping!

A few months ago my favorite pair of black Wal-Mart flats, which I've had for years, finally reached the point of worn-in-ness that I like to call "destroyed beyond belief". I've been hunting for basic flats for a while now and only finding faux Tory Burch grossness. So I was incredibly happy last night when I spotted these beauties at H&M for $17.

And then, I discovered the boots that I'd been hunting for. Backstory: my mom has these gorgeous equestrian-style boots from the 1980's that I borrowed pretty much every day of the last two winters. However, she didn't allow me to bring them to university, tragically. So here is my replacement pair. They were $180 at Aldo. My friend says that they look like Puss in Boots boots! I love them so much.

Excuse the terrible lighting and background. I live in a dorm...


Suzanne said...

Very nice :)
I love going shoe shopping, it's one of my favorite passtimes! :D
Those boots are beautiful. btw.

Jillian B said...

thank you!
i'd been looking for a nice pair of boots for so long
i was seriously scouring like vintage stores, the mall, everywhere!