February 9, 2009

Stealing from the Stereotypes

You know how in movies about high school the school is always divided into distinct cliques that all dress exactly alike? My school wasn't like that, and I hope that yours wasn't either. However, taking inspiration from these high school stereotypes can yield some great outfits. After all, what is fashion without dressing up?

The Stereotype: Goth
Now trust me, I am like, the anti-goth. My nails are currently neon-pink, I like smiles and sunshine and kittens, and I am a generally upbeat person. However, black is always fashionable. Maybe those morose kids are doing something right.


Steal: Definitely try some lacy accents, like the gorgeous boots above. Anything black and flowy is also good in moderation. Have fun playing with textures, which keeping to one colour lets you do.

Leave: Goth makeup. Okay, you can do smokey eyes, but drawing a giant teardrop on your face (a la some of the goth kids at my high school) is definitely overkill. Also ditch anything scary. We're going for edgy romanticism, not horror movie.

The Stereotype: Hippie

I was a hippie for Halloween, and was way too excited to wear pieces of my costume in everyday life!


Steal: Channel your inner Anna Sui with laid-back peasant dresses. Put your gladiator sandals to good use and layer on the bangles.

Leave: Hippie headbands. As much as I love them, the trend is getting kind of stale. Also do tie-dye at your own risk. I've seen it worn well, and I've seen it done terribly.

The Stereotype: Mean Girl

In real life, well-liked people tend to dress at least fairly well. However, in movie world, where cliques dominate, the popular girl can be spotted by her mini-skirt, heels, matchy-matchyness, and overuse of the colour pink. A play on this stereotype can yield a fun ensemble.


Steal: The mean girl's girliness. Ruffles, pink, and hearts can be fun, especially when piled on at once in an almost ironic manner.

Leave: The logos. Carla Santini had her Dior tee in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Regina George of Mean Girls had her Louis Vuitton bag. However, a logoed piece with a mini and heels makes you look like a trophy wife.

The Stereotype: The Nerd
A fan of math, clashing patterns, and retainers, the nerd is perhaps the most interesting creature in the land of high school stereotypes.


Steal: The clashing patterns, over-sized button downs, and big glasses. (Note: I thought that the shoes above were geometric enough for a nerd!)

Leave: Most nerds in movies have horrible hair. Don't get horrible hair.

Let me know if you like this feature and there might be a part two in the future!


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love this post!
i love all of your posts, especially the ones that have the polyvore sets in them...great stuff :)

Suzanne said...

this post makes me smile. I always enjoy your "how to" posts!
I'm definitely going to try some of these tips :)