February 26, 2009

Stealing from the Stereotypes: Part 2

Let's take some more inspiration from the ridiculous stereotypes of teen movies!

The Cheerleader: In real life, cheerleaders are talented athletes who practice in sweats. In teen movies, however, they are bitchy girls who saunter down the hallway in their uniforms.


Keep It: Rock your own "uniform" by wearing a tank top and flippy skirt in classic school colour combos like blue and gold or black and red. Try some sneakers with it (just stick to pretty high tops, not actual cross trainers).

Leave It: Ditch the pom poms and try some cute bangles instead.

The Band Geek: Who knew geeks could be so rad?

band geek

Keep It: Channel your inner band kid with a sweet marching band inspired jacket, like this one by Phillip Lim.

Leave It: Ditch the other trappings of geekiness for cool boots and skinny jeans.

The Punk:


Keep It: Pair some ripped jeans a la Erin Wasson with a bright coloured tee and some embellished Doc Martens.

Leave It: Don't rock the rubber bracelets, extraneous piercings, or any item of clothing with the word "punk" on it.

The Jock:


Keep It: Wear a vintage letterman jacket with shoes in a coordinating colour.

Leave It: Trade in the track pants for a cute denim skirt, and the sneakers for vintage inspired heels.

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