February 19, 2009

Stand Out Show of the Day: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Oh, Phillip Lim. You always bring so much joy to my life. And then sadness. Because I definitely cannot afford any of your beautiful items.

However, thank you for knowing that pretty cuts + neutrals = beauty

In other news, my friend totally has the haircut that all the others do and was planning on making it her signature style. But she'll probably have to share it with have the world thanks to the role it plays in this awesome show.

She looks like a human puffball, but oddly makes me want to look like one too.
You know when you see a dress, and it's super beautiful, and it makes you wish that you had somewhere excessively fabulous to go so you could wear said dress? This dress is not one of those. This dress is so incredibly fabulous that you would buy it even though you had nowhere to go and where it to like, run errands just to make the world envious.
This is amazing proof that you can mix patterns by keeping them in the same colour palette.

Sometimes simplicity can work. (When it has a great cut like this, that is)

This dress could totally work for a cocktail party or for school.

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