March 18, 2009

Gossip Girl Fashion: Oh, S. No More Scarves for You. (S. 2 E.18)

First of all, I am SO VERY HAPPY that Gossip Girl is back.

However, I take issue with this particular ensemble:
My roommate and I spent like 10 minutes debating whether this is a scarf weirdly wrapped around her arms or a sweater that matches the scarf, before deciding on the latter. Either way, not a good look. Now, I know that Serena is busy seducing older men and stressing out about the fact that her mom loves her boyfriend's father and hanging out with the incredibly dull Vanessa, but really? This is the best outfit she could come up with?

Blair only looks like she's bitching at Rachel. She really just caught sight of Serena's outfit.
Blair's outfit, however, is flawless as per usual. The bow and girly blouse are classic B, while the lace and the layers are a nod to current trends. As if we'd expect anything less.
Okay, now see?
See how lovely Serena can look when she just keeps it simple? This is much, much better.
XOXO and all that jazz.
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