March 12, 2009

Party Photo Land: Headdresses and Hair Bows

Time for the first installment in forever of party photo land!

Love, love, love the rhinestone bow. The perfect combination of formality and fun especially when paired with a messy updo.

Doesn't she just look like an 80's it girl? I love the way she accessorized a simple outfit with bangles and a giant ring.

This is a seriously fashionable group of friends! I especially love the black pants and the girl on the far right's cut-out tee.

And last but not least:
Mischa Barton looking lovely while wearing a random headdress.

(First three photos from The Cobra Snake, last one from Skullset.)


Suzanne said...

Love that third photo. They have some serious style right there. Those are all sick pictures.

Suzanne IMOS.

modern antoinette said...

I love Micha's picture...she looks so adorable there.


proudly says, said...

love all the photos.
mischa barton is so gorgeous!

the golden fairy princess said...

mischa's headdress makes me want to, i don't even know, like MAKE that with craft supplies, though i doubt it would turn out so well. when i wore a headband across my forehead this weekend, i got two pretty opposite responses-someone told me i looked like mischa (yesss!) and the drama teacher told me i looked like i was in the musical 'hair'. good or bad? don't really know, so i'll take that one as a compliment.