March 17, 2009

Decoding Dress Codes

I don't know how glam your lives are, but the parties I attend rarely specify dress codes on the invitation (or even have invitations other than someone running through the halls of my dorm yelling "PARTYYYYY!``). They're just not very common these days, especially for events hosted by people my age.

However, this can lead to confusion when one recieves an invitation with an actual dress code listed (a wedding, for instance). What is white tie? How casual is too casual? Here, dear readers, is your guide. Don't say I never do anything for you.

White Tie:

What it Means:
Look at you, going to a white tie affair! The most formal of dress codes, white tie calls for a ball gown. This is your chance to go for all out glamour.

What You Should Wear:
Wear a vintage gown. They're unique and have stood the test of time. Don't forget your pearls!
white tie

Black Tie:

What it Means: Black tie can be tricky. Commonly seen on wedding invitations, black tie used to mean a long evening gown. However, a short cocktail dress is now considered just as appropriate. Think of prom in terms of formality (but hopefully not style). If the invitation says "black tie optional" err on the more casual side.

What You Should Wear: Embrace your chance to wear a long dress, and go for something that makes you feel like a princess but is still relatively simple. Pair with heels and some pretty but basic jewellery.

black tie

What it Means:
You're supposed to wear, you guessed it, a cocktail dress! Anything above the mid-calf is generally considered cocktail length.

What You Should Wear:
This is a semi-formal occasion, so you don't need to look like you're heading to the Oscars, but you should look like you put some effort in! This is your chance to have fun, so pair a cute dress in a current shape with high heels and some bold jewellery.


Business Casual:

What it Means:
While you are unlikely to see this dress code on an invitation, you might be advised to wear business casual clothes to a job interview (depending on the company) or an academic awards ceremony. Whatever the case, business casual generally calls for a collared shirt and a skirt or pants made in material other than denim.

What You Should Wear:
Follow the rules with sweet flats, a polo, and a khaki skirt. Now is not the time to try anything too experimental. However, you should let your personality show through in the details (for instance, the cut of the skirt, bows on the shoes, and bright tights below).


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the golden fairy princess said...

the pink dress under "black tie" is so pretty, reminds me of ballerinas but with more glitter, but the cute kind. i love it!