March 3, 2009

People You've Never Heard of Wore the Same Dress

Why is this at all important, you ask?

Because, my little cynics, they wore the same dress TO THE SAME EVENT.
Seriously, according to The Daily Mail, singer Haley Westrena and beauty queen/"gladiator" Amy "Siren" Guy showed up to the March 2nd "Marley and Me" British premiere in the same brightly coloured cocktail dress.
Has that ever happened before? The most similar incident I can think of is when Reese Witherspoon wore that dress to the Golden Globes that Kirsten Dunst had worn to the same event years before.

above: Guy; below:Westrena

How awesome would it have been if they'd acknowledged it and posed for a photo together? It would be good PR in a "I can take a joke" kind of way and they'd get a lot more press.

Who do you think wore it best? (My vote's for Haley. She kept her accessories simple and that works with this dress)

And does anyone know who designed it?

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Couture Carrie said...

Looks like DKNY; and I agree, simple accessories are better for this dress...

Cool post!


Jillian B said...

You're right!
And thanks so much